Quantum Jungle

Quantum Jungle is an interactive art installation visualising the fascinating world of quantum particles. It uses state-of-the-art hardware and software uniquely designed to visually convey the behaviour of the individual constituents of the Universe.

Mathematics is the language of science, art is the universal language of humankind. In the Quantum Jungle they combine, so that we can experience artistically the mathematical equations describing the fundamental behaviour underlying everything around us.

The thousands of LEDs, metal springs and high-end electronics are specifically built to simulate and visualise quantum algorithms running on quantum computers. Indeed, what we can see in the Jungle are real quantum simulations happening on a computer connected to the springs and the LEDs.

The colourful wave produced in The Dance of Quanta is the visualisation of a so-called quantum walk, illustrating how a quantum particle moves around in the Jungle. The laws of Nature for quantum particles are very different from what we experience in our daily life!

Artist: Robin Baumgarten.
Concept and coding: QPlayLearn.
Support: Fondazione di Pisa/Palazzo Blu/University of Pisa/Aalto University and University of Helsinki, both part of InstituteQ/Algorithmiq Ltd.




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