Our mission is to provide multilevel education on quantum science and technologies to anyone, regardless of their age and background


We teach quantum science and technology to anyone, from high-school students to high-tech CEOs.


We offer educational material on quantum science and technology at all levels of expertise.


We believe that anyone can understand the beauty of quantum physics and the power of quantum technologies.

High-school teachers

Introduce the exciting world of quantum physics to your students by engaging them with playful experiences and curated content.

University faculties

Enrich your class with multimedia material that builds intuition and makes students aware of the new quantum technologies.

Q-tech companies

Deepen the knowledge of your team in a variety of quantum technologies and facilitate access to new markets.

Quantum pills


Imagine is an environment sans restriction of creative expression and immersion for learners to explore the splendor of the quantum world through the artistic language they resonate with.


It’s the section where you can practise and challenge your quantum knowledge. For each entry of Quest, you will find code samples and small tutorials that you can run on real world quantum devices through the Strangeworks platform.



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