Quantum Superposition

In this section we will further elaborate on a concept introduced in the previous chapter, namely the concept of quantum superposition. Although this should be familiar to you from the Quantum Physics basic course, we will try to explore it in more depth by using QPlayLearn's multimedia interactive approach. 

We begin with the "grandma explanation"! Let's see how the concept of superposition is explained in very simple terms by Prof. Lorenzo Maccone of the University of Pavia in this video:

The concept of superposition is strongly related to interference. In these short video lectures, Professor Artur Eckert, from the University of Oxford, explains the key concepts of amplitude, probability, and interference in the framework of quantum information:

You can learn more about quantum superposition in the corresponding Quest entry, have a look and try out the games, videos and explanations!

This chapter concludes with a TiqTaqToe tournament. Check the quantum version of tic tac toe and wait for a special message with instruction for the tournament to take place!

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