Understand the Q bit

Our mission is to provide multilevel education on quantum science and technologies to everyone, regardless of their age and background.

We use innovative interactive tools to make the learning process more effective and fun, and accessible at different levels, without giving away scientific correctness.

QPlayLearn allows users to

1. Get intuition about quantum phenomena without having to dig into mathematical technicalities.

2. Understand quantum technologies and its implications to society.

3. Access new markets and careers that will emerge around quantum technologies.

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Build intuition and engagement through games and videos.


Understand physical concepts through easy-to-follow and scientifically accurate descriptions.


Aquire formal understanding through the mathematics.


Practise what you have learnt coding on real world quantum devices via the Strangeworks platform.

Our approach

QPlayLearn's holistic perspective stems from the recognition that different types of intelligence dominate the learning process of each individual.

Begin from the approach that feels easier or closer to you, and then — if you feel like — explore the others and see how your understanding of quantum physics shifts and expands!

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